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The Different Types of Bracelets That Spice Up the Style Statement

For ages bracelets have been adding to the beauty of people, both women and men. We have seen their evolution which has remarkably altered the design and material of the bracelets. They have always been a favorite across the globe. At present times, bracelets are available in many new designs but the old ones are not yet lost. The old designs are modified and served on a new platter. There are various kinds of bracelets available in market which can go with your look. You need to choose from the wide range of possibilities and jazz up your look!



Style never goes out of fashion. Handcuffs were worn by the emperors and empress in the historic days. Time flew by and those handcuffs took the form of cuff bracelets which are a hot favorite among all ages of women these days. They occupy a quarter of your wrist and have an opening at one end. They sit firmly on your wrist and unlike most other bracelets; they are not flexible. They are sure to add to the elegant look. They are mostly metallic and have detailed designs engraved on their surface. Many other varieties of cuff bracelets are also available. So, if you idolize Cleopatra, this is your chance to get her look!



You might think bangles are too old fashioned or bangles may not be one of your favorites, but that will not keep you away from the bangle bracelets that are one of the newest trends. Bangle bracelets are generally worn in multiples. They usually add to a bohemian look which is so much in fashion these days. They are comfortable to wear and if you are planning to hit the rock concert tonight, this is the ideal choice for you. 



Leather bracelets are stylish and favorite among the young generation. They are inexpensive and add to the casual look. They are available in many forms. They might be in the form of a ring with no opening at all or they might have adjustable hook at the ends. 



Who said that you always have to pinch your pocket in order to keep it stylish? Charm bracelet can be made at home and it is often a hobby among some people. You might love collecting charms. So why not put them in a chain with a toggle clasp? Each charm might carry a special memory you will get to relive every time you see it dangling around your wrist! Not a fan of charm collection? Cool, get it from the market! High school fashion never fades out. 



Bracelets were actually worn by people who had belief in astrology. They used it to wear the gemstones in their bracelets. Time has changed and the gemstone bracelets are now a fashion statement. People adore it, irrespective of their belief in astrology. Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emerald are to name a few gemstones. 



They are inexpensive and come in different colors. They are usually made of waxed cotton, leather or nylon bands woven together and have one to seven beads or gems within them. 

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