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Zodiac Sign Bracelets: Now You Can Wear Your Luck

Personalizing your bracelets by adding charms that have their own meanings to them, is a beautiful idea, but why not try something new this season with zodiac sign bracelets?

You may wonder why you should try this, but let us tell you that this is a brilliant idea if you are looking for the perfect jewelry. That is because more than half of the population in the world believes in zodiac signs, and using it as a gift lets the loved one know and feel special because they feel like you took the time to listen and remember their zodiac sign.

Let’s take a look at 12 examples of such beautiful and dandy zodiac bracelets.

Aquarius Bracelet:

Aquarius happens to be one of the zodiac signs ruled under the air element, meaning that most Aquarians love their freedom and would not give it up for anything. They like to keep things very light and impersonal, but at times this can backfire and leave them feeling a little lost and numb.

Aquarius Bracelet

Since the Aquarian can be eccentric, we suggest that you go for a charm that is on the lighter side and keeps things simple.

Aries Bracelet:

Ruled by Mars and guided by the element of Fire, it is said that a Aries often rules with the head and leads with the head, which means that they often dive headfirst into any action before making any firm decisions about it. While on one hand, this makes them very brave, it can often get them into sticky and troublesome situations.

For the Aries in your life, we suggest something straightforward – the charm of the horns, to represent the Ram.

Aries Bracelet

Taurus Bracelet:

Born to make decisions based on their empirical senses, the Taureans the ability to see things from a grounded, practicable and realistic perspective. Their keen sense of duty and endless patience is what gives them the drive to see every single through to the end.

Taurus Bracelet

To bring a smile to the Taurean in your life, we suggest a bull shaped charm with a few semi-precious stones.

Gemini Bracelet:

The Gemini is both restless and patient at the same time – dying to see the world around them in its completion, but often getting bored and distracted by it at the same time.

Gemini Bracelet

For the Gemini in your life, we suggest a twin charm, like two half-crescent conjoined moons, to suggest their dual personalities.

Cancer Bracelet:

The Cancerian is always deeply attached to their loved ones, and extremely sensitive to negative auras around them, which is what makes them highly moody and sensible to the slightest of shifts in their worlds.

Cancer Bracelet

You can always go a gentle heart shaped charm for your Cancerian since they tend to be always ruled by the heart.

Leo Bracelet:

Dramatic and self-assured, a Leo can be stubborn when it comes to making decisions or agreeing to others. Born to be natural leaders, they can sometimes get stuck in life due to their reluctance to compromise.

Leo Bracelet

What better charm for a Leo other than a fierce lion’s mane?

Virgo Bracelet:

Born of the earth the Virgo is all about compassion. However, sometimes the Virgo can be too critical of themselves as well as the people around them since they pay such attention to details.

Virgo Bracelet

For the special Virgo in your life, might we dare suggest something a little more feminine like a pink charm with floral patterns?

Libra Bracelet:

A Libra is all about balance and symmetry in every aspect of their lives, which is why a perfectly balanced life and relationship are important to them.

Libra Bracelet

What better charm for a Libra other than a set of beautiful and perfectly harmonized scales?

Scorpio Bracelet:

Determined and passionate, a scorpion can run hot and cold all in a matter of a few minutes, which is what, makes them fun and unpredictable at the same time.

Scorpio Bracelet

Since their sign is of transition, we suggest that you go for something fluid and in constant flux like sea-waves.

Sagittarius Bracelet:

Positive, fun and extroverted, the Sagittarius is positive up to a point where they sometimes end up biting off more than they can chew, which can gets them in some serious trouble.

Sagittarius Bracelet

We suggest something fun like colorful semi-precious stone studded charms for the Sagittarius in your life.

Capricorn Bracelet:

With a more traditional and grounded approach to life, a Capricorn is always serious about their personal and professional lives, choosing to see the long term.

Capricorn Bracelet

Maybe a charm with a hint of mystery, like something that needs to be decoded for the mysterious Capricorn.

Pisces Bracelet:

Known to be people person, a Pisces is all about personal relationships and intimate acquaintances. At the same time, they are deeply compassionate, but often end up trusting the wrong kind of people.

Pisces Bracelet

The Pisces in your life deserves something beautiful and unique, so why not play into the unconventional lane and give them a charm with a water motif, since it is their element?

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